The Adventures of Hunter & Ramona Pug Series by Destry Ramey
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About the Author

Destry Ramey is a retired Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and internationally known children author,
who has dedicated her life to children.
The children in her practice along with her son’s first two pugs, Hunter and Ramona,
inspired her to write her first two books “What About Me?” and “Why am I Dark?”
Two rescue pugs, Kippy and Egress, later adopted by her son,
were the inspiration for her third book “Kippy’s African Adventure.”
Her final book in the series “The Brown Paper Bag” is based on the true story
of an abandoned puppy, who is found in the street after being thrown from a car window.
Each book addresses contemporary real life issues as seen through the eyes of five unique and endearing dogs.
“What a wonderful world this would be if we had the attitude and lived in the present
as do our canines,” quotes Ms. Ramey. 


About the Illustrators

Jesus Chavez is an artist with a strong sense of individuality.
His creative designs and techniques come
to life through his love of working with a diverse variety of media.
Jesus lives in Mexico with his rescue dog, Alpha.
“The Brown Paper Bag” is Jesus’ first children’s book.

Kim Howell is a professional artist and muralist. 
She is the founder and director of ¬†Young at Art Children’s Creative Center in San Diego, CA. 
Kim is dedicated to inspiring and providing opportunities for young artists.
“Why Am I Dark?” is Kim’s first children’s book.

Akasla is a self-taught artist. His artistic contributions include sculptures, paintings and murals. 
“What About Me?” is Akasla’s first children’s book.

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