The Adventures of Hunter & Ramona Pug Series by Destry Ramey

August 24, 2011

Letter from Katie Oswald (Cabrini fifth grade student)

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Dear Destry,
I hope I spelled your name right. If I didn’t sorry. This is Katie Oswald you know from St. Frances Cabrini. I just wanted to say “Hi”. I love your book I take it everywhere except school. I even drew the picture of Hunter but, I traits it from the cover. I think it is really good. Here’s a copy of it. I hope you like it. How is Hunter? I hope he is doing well. Of course let’s not forget Ramona. How is she? I hope she is doing well too. I can’t wait until the next book comes out. You are a great writer. I have a question. Do you own Hunter and Ramona, because if you do I will be happy to baby-sit if you need one. Talk to you later. (Please write back)

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