The Adventures of Hunter & Ramona Pug Series by Destry Ramey

September 14, 2011


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Testimonials about The Adventures of Hunter and Ramona Pug Series


  1. Hi Destry: I’m a great-grandmother who would just like to share with you how my grandchildren love your books. I have quite a little library at my home and it’s cute how the grandchildren keep wanting me to read the ones about “the puppies”. I am especially looking forward to Kippy’s African Adventure as we have some ADHD going on here…smile. Thanks for an easy, colorful, entertaining read. Grandma E~

    Comment by Lennie — September 15, 2011 @ 11:43 am

  2. Paso Robles Press – Ramey pours heart into children’s series

    By Jill Ivie Published 12-22-06

    Three-time cancer survivor Destry Ramey found her healing energy and subsequent inspiration to become a children’s author from two unlikely members of her family, Hunter and Ramona, her son’s Pugs.

    In her first book, “What About Me?” from “The Adventures of Hunter and Ramona Pug Series,” Ramey translates her decades of experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner and her love for her son’s beloved pugs into a real life lesson for children about adoption, abandonment and acceptance.

    “I wanted to write a children’s book that addresses children’s issues using non-threatening characters,” Ramey said.

    The brightly illustrated book incorporates the realities Ramey saw children struggling with during her pediatric medical career with actual depictions of events from the life of her “grand-pugs,” Hunter and Ramona.

    “What About Me?” tells the story of a young man, a character Ramey based on her son, who, while in Spain, decides to adopt two female Pug puppies to take back home with him. Fearing separation from his sister and best friend, the book details Hunter’s irresistibly charming antics to win the young man’s affection and place in his home alongside his sister.

    Ramey, who has already penned books two and three in the series, plans to tackle applicable issues for today’s youth such as cultural diversity, self-esteem, Attention Deficit Disorder, abuse and neglect featuring Hunter, Ramona and their Pug sisters Kippy and Egress.

    “Each one addresses something that many children have to address in their own lives,” Ramey said. “I wanted to give something back.”

    “What About Me?” was initially self-published through BookSurge LLC, a subsidiary of It is now available in multiple book stores along the California Central Coast and at

    A percentage of every book, “What About Me?” are donated to the Pug Rescue Network. Subsequent books in the series will benefit Children Reading Programs and Pug Rescue.

    “Pugs are very expensive to buy new,” she said. “There are Pug rescues groups that have so many dogs that need love and attention. Whatever people give to them they will give back 100-fold.”

    Ramey spent several years working as a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) in the Northwest before joining the UCSD faculty as director of pediatrics for the Navy Nurse-Midwife Program. She has trained leaders in third world countries about infant care through the Ministry of Health’s Wellstart International program, as well as written for medical and educational resources. Ramey currently spends her days enjoying her health, consulting as a PNP for private practices, working as a flight attendant for SkyWest and developing “The Adventures of Hunter and Ramona Pug Series.”

    Ramey formed a special bond with the two Pugs while staying with her son in Seattle during treatments for her third bout with cancer. Hunter and Ramona were her faithful companions and constantly checked on Ramey. She dubbed them her sources of “healing energy.” Soon after, the pair developed cancer themselves and Ramey was able to return the favor during their healing process.

    “I feel extremely blessed and I’m saying that three times’ a charm,” Ramey said. “I really feel like there is a reason for all this happening and maybe these books are the reason.”

    Comment by Paso Robles Press — February 8, 2014 @ 5:42 pm

  3. WHAT ABOUT ME? in The Adventures of Hunter and Ramona Pug Series

    A woman I know wrote this lovely children’s book about 2 pug puppies who deal with some of life’s lessons on persistence, unconditional love and adoption.

    It is in it’s second printing now in hardback.? Destry Ramey is a lovely woman who dedicated her life to working with children and had to leave her work due to cancer.? She and her pugs (also cancer survivors) are all in remission. A percentage of the proceeds go to pug rescue.

    I hope that you will visit the website and read about her book.? If you think you would like the book, you may either purchase it at this site or request her book at your favorite books store.? Perhaps you know someone who would enjoy it for a holiday present.

    Comment by Judi — February 8, 2014 @ 6:07 pm

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