The Adventures of Hunter & Ramona Pug Series by Destry Ramey
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The Adventures of Hunter & Ramona Pug Series

Paw "Sense": Tips from Feather & the Pugs

Wash your paws often 
and stay healthy

Never talk to a stranger,
they may steal your bone

Lick your plate only 
if you have four paws.

Treat me with respect and kindness
and I will obey you

 There is no psychiatrist in the world
 like a "puppy licking your face"

One dog's year of life is equivalent to seven years of a  human's life. 
A dog is born loving and forgiving; humans must learn how to love and forgive.

Be careful who you let into your dog house or computer! Remember "My Space" and keep your space safe and secure.
Another dog may appear to be your friend but just might be after your dog license.

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